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As we all understand, looking for the right school for your child is the most important decision that you as a parent have to take to guide their future in the right direction. However, with mushrooming of educational institutions it has become a difficult task, as almost all schools are offering similar facilities and curriculums. What has been missing is a need-based approach to identify student priorities and shape up a school accordingly. Understanding this, we have come up with a concept of schooling that would take care of personalized needs of students as well as parents. As we take you through the elements of education that will make learning great fun for your ward, you will also explore a whole new world of possibilities that schools can offer but are yet to take initiative.
Well, not at The Nurtuary!


Martial art classes in Panchkula


We are very thankful to you, The Nurtuary! Teachers are very kind and cooperative with children. Children learn & are happy in school.

Shaurya likes the extra co-curricular activities and loves outings arranged by the school.

It is nice to hear from kids at home about the things they learn in school. Thanks for the effort put in by the teachers .

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Life Member of Early Childhood Association

Partner with Edusports for Gross motor development

Certified member of International Preschool Curriculum USA