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Your child will be part of Global curriculum
The Nurtuary is a member of International Preschool Curriculum (IPC). IPC is a professional organization, recognized globally, that delivers a range of products and services to early childhood centers around the world. Headquartered in the United States, the IPC’s objective and research based curriculum meets the standards set by state departments and accreditation organizations from around the world.
With the assistance of an advisory committee which consists of peers, consultants and academics, the IPC ensures the rigour and high quality of all published materials. The IPC is aligned to NAEYC, USA standards and other accreditation agencies.

Focus on physical development
As an initiative towards healthy future, The Nurtuary has partnered with Edusports for their physical sports programme. Edusports is India’s biggest sports company operating in more than 300 schools across India including 60 preschools, covering over 2,00,000 students. They have been awarded the prestigious Sankalp Award and the NDTV & Nirmal Lifestyle Spirit of Sport Award in 2012.

Care, safety and hygiene
At The Nurtuary, care, safety and hygiene are practiced at all times. The support staff is well trained on their communication skills and child care. All the rooms are well ventilated.

Events and celebrations
The school celebrates almost all the major festivals during the year within school. Apart from that, events at regular intervals, for parents and grandparents are conducted to enable them to see their kids perform on stage.

Parent's can consult the school counselor with prior appointment, to discuss the problems related to their child behaviour and development.

Workshop and trainings for parents
There are regular trainings, workshops and interactive sessions done for parents at the school by leading Child Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Health Experts, Pediatricians, etc on myriad of issued related to child development. This keeps them abreast with important issues that need to be attended upon during the early years of their child's growth.

From Preschool to Mainstream school
With the advent of admission season, we constantly keep our parents informed about the timelines of admissions in formal schools and latest development of rules and regulations related to the admission process. We also provide information about the lists and ratings of schools in Tri-city, their criteria for admissions, upcoming deadlines, counsel parents about best options available and give personalised letter of recommendation, if need be.


Martial art classes in Panchkula


We are very thankful to you, The Nurtuary! Teachers are very kind and cooperative with children. Children learn & are happy in school.

Shaurya likes the extra co-curricular activities and loves outings arranged by the school.

It is nice to hear from kids at home about the things they learn in school. Thanks for the effort put in by the teachers .

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Our Alliances

Life Member of Early Childhood Association

Partner with Edusports for Gross motor development

Certified member of International Preschool Curriculum USA