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• International Preschool Curriculum - Our Academics partner: The Nurtuary is a member of The International Preschool Curriculum (IPC). IPC is a professional organization that delivers a range of products and services to early childhood centers around the world.

Certified member of International Preschool Curriculum USA

The IPC was founded to strengthen and harmonize early childhood education standards, directly serving schools, learners, parents and government. The IPC offers a unique set of services to promote active learning and effective practices in teaching.

Headquartered in the United States, the IPC's objective and research based curriculum meets the standards set by state departments and accreditation organizations from around the world.

Based on proven and peer reviewed concepts, the IPC ensures the rigour and high quality of all published materials.

The IPC is aligned to NAEYC, USA standards and other accreditation agencies.

IPC offers platform for teachers to train on the ECE. The course content has been devised by an ex teaching fellow of Harvard University, Sandy Middleton.

Although inspired by several approaches, the IPC does not embellish any one approach.

The IPC has a network of approximately 300 members in 6 continents.

• Edusports - Our Physical Sports partner: EduSports is India's premier school sports enterprise. It covers more than 2,00,000 children in over 300 schools (including 60 preschool) across the country. They have won the prestigious Sankalp award and the NDTV & Nirmal Lifestyle Spirit of Sport Award in 2012.

• EduSports uses structured physical activity and sports as a pedagogical tool for developing mental skills, behavioural skills, and physical conditioning in the children

• The EduSports programme for standard Pre-nursery to UKG covers:
• Fundamental skill learning through a structured curriculum-skills covered include gross motor skills, body management skills, space awareness skills, manipulative and non-manipulative skills
• Structured on ground lesson plans for all children- the programme is age appropriate (executed with appropriate props/equipment) and all-inclusive (covers all children)

The Nurtuary is one of the 60 preschools across India to partner with Edusports.

• Early Childhood Association, India – Member: The Early Childhood Association, India is set up with the vision that everyone connected to young children can all come together to advocate, discuss, learn and share, connect and bring about a change in the quality of care development and learning in early childhood in India. The Association has been active across the world forums and has been conducting extensive workshops in India with eminent global speakers.


Martial art classes in Panchkula


We are very thankful to you, The Nurtuary! Teachers are very kind and cooperative with children. Children learn & are happy in school.

Shaurya likes the extra co-curricular activities and loves outings arranged by the school.

It is nice to hear from kids at home about the things they learn in school. Thanks for the effort put in by the teachers .

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Our Alliances

Life Member of Early Childhood Association

Partner with Edusports for Gross motor development

Certified member of International Preschool Curriculum USA