>>The Bamboo Theory

The greatest inspiration to build stronger roots for your child!

The bamboo is one of the most successful plants in the world, because of the 'preparation' it goes through beneath the ground, before the extent of its development is apparent to the observer. A bamboo plant spreads by first extending roots and tendrils beneath the soil – before the plant ever surfaces. This has the effect of giving the plant a firm hold on the essentials of water and nutrition – and an extensive physical foundation to sustain the mature plant before the first shoots appear above the surface. Once it does begin to 'shoot' however, it does so quickly and efficiently, because all the required elements are in place, and the mature bamboo plant is resistant to almost all natural threats in its environment – including typhoons, because it is flexible and every element of its structure supports every other. The lesson of the bamboo can be applied to great effect when developing foundation programs for young learners. The Nurtuary introduces and carefully nurtures 'foundation' skills and strategies designed to create a cumulative effect. Each learning activity is carefully structured and designed to gradually develop competence in one or more of the key areas of development.



We are very thankful to you, The Nurtuary! Teachers are very kind and cooperative with children. Children learn & are happy in school.

Shaurya likes the extra co-curricular activities and loves outings arranged by the school.

It is nice to hear from kids at home about the things they learn in school. Thanks for the effort put in by the teachers .

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