Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your frequently asked questions about our preschool. Find information about our curriculum, age criteria, facilities, admissions, and more. Browse our FAQ section for quick and helpful responses.

What are the preschool programs that are offered by The Nurtuary Preschool?

The Nurtuary Preschool offers the following programs:

  • Playgroup – 1.8 yrs (i.e 20 months) to 3 yrs
  • Nursery (3-4 years)
  • Lower KG (4-5 years)
  • Upper KG (5-6 years)

Each program is designed to cater to the specific age group, ensuring age-appropriate learning and development opportunities.

What is the curriculum followed at The Nurtuary Preschool?

Our preschool adopts an international curriculum that integrates an eclectic approach to education. We emphasize hands-on learning experiences, theme-based activities, and Montessori principles. This comprehensive approach nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and holistic development in children. By providing a stimulating and diverse curriculum, we prepare students for success in a globalized world

What sets The Nurtuary Preschool apart from others in terms of quality and educational approach?

At The Nurtuary Preschool, what sets us apart is our child-friendly and safe environment, state-of-the-art infrastructure, enriching experiences, and an international curriculum. With our eclectic approach to education and highly qualified teachers, we ensure a nurturing and stimulating environment for your child’s holistic development.

What is the age criteria for admission at The Nurtuary Preschool?

Admitting your child to The Nurtuary Preschool at the age of two is highly recommended, as it is considered the optimal time for their enrollment and early development.

Are the teachers at The Nurtuary Preschool trained and qualified?

Yes, all our teachers at The Nurtuary Preschool are highly trained and qualified professionals. They hold relevant certifications and have undergone extensive training in early childhood education. Our dedicated teachers are passionate about their work and possess the necessary expertise to create a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for your child.

How do you ensure the safety and security of children at The Nurtuary Preschool?

At The Nurtuary Preschool, we prioritize the safety and security of every child. We implement strict measures to ensure their well-being, including controlled access to the premises, surveillance systems, trained staff, and comprehensive safety protocols. We maintain a secure environment where children are supervised at all times, allowing parents to have peace of mind while their little ones are in our care.

How do you handle discipline and behavior management at The Nurtuary Preschool?

At The Nurtuary Preschool, we employ positive reinforcement techniques and age-appropriate strategies to manage behavior and promote discipline. Our experienced teachers create a nurturing environment that fosters respect, empathy, and social-emotional development in children.

How do you handle medical emergencies or first aid situationsThe Nurtuary Preschool?

In case of medical emergencies or first aid situations at The Nurtuary Preschool, we promptly inform parents, administer necessary first aid from our kit, and ensure the child’s comfort and rest.

How do you handle child separation anxietyThe Nurtuary Preschool?

At The Nurtuary Preschool, we understand the importance of addressing child separation anxiety. Our experienced and caring teachers employ proven strategies such as gradual transition, positive reinforcement, and open communication to help children feel secure and comfortable during the separation process.

What is the assessment process at The Nurtuary Preschool?

At The Nurtuary Preschool, we follow a continuous and comprehensive evaluation process. This assessment method covers six key areas of a child’s development, ensuring a holistic understanding of their progress. Our approach focuses on observing, documenting, and providing feedback to support each child’s growth and learning journey.

What extracurricular activities are offered at The Nurtuary Preschool?

At The Nurtuary Preschool, we offer a range of extracurricular activities, including physical sports, yoga, music and storytelling. These activities promote physical fitness, creative expression, and enhance overall learning experiences for our students.

What is the Teacher-student ratio in the classrooms at The Nurtuary Preschool?

At The Nurtuary Preschool, we maintain a teacher-student ratio of 1:20 in the classrooms. Additionally, we provide a dedicated nanny to each classroom ensuring personalized attention and care for each child.

How do you communicate with parents about their child's progress at The Nurtuary Preschool?

At The Nurtuary Preschool, we maintain regular communication with parents. We provide progress reports on parent-teacher meetings, and ensure transparent and timely updates regarding each child’s progress, achievements, and areas of development.

How can parents be involved in their child's preschool experienceThe Nurtuary Preschool?

Parents can actively participate in their child’s preschool experience at The Nurtuary Preschool through regular communication with teachers, attending parent-teacher meetings, participating in school events, and engaging in home-based activities suggested by the school.

Is there a parent-teacher communication system in placeThe Nurtuary Preschool?

Yes, at The Nurtuary Preschool, we have a robust parent-teacher communication system in place. We provide regular updates through our school app, and parents can also expect phone calls for important personal updates regarding their child’s progress and well-being.

Is there any transportation facility available for pick-up and drop-off at The Nurtuary Preschool?

Yes, The Nurtuary Preschool provides safe and convenient transportation facility for pick-up and drop-off, ensuring a secure and hassle-free commuting experience for children.

Is there a daycare facility available at your preschool The Nurtuary Preschool?

Yes, we offer a daycare facility at The Nurtuary Preschool. Our daycare services are available until 03:30 pm, providing extended care and a nurturing environment for children.

Do you provide meals or snacks for the children at The Nurtuary Preschool?

At The Nurtuary Preschool, we do not provide meals or snacks. We kindly request parents to send home-prepared healthy food for their children.

What is the process for admission and what documents are required at The Nurtuary Preschool?

To enroll at The Nurtuary Preschool, please follow our admission process outlined at our website. Required documents typically include DOB certificate, proof for address, immunisation record and passport size pictures of parents and child.