Discover our enriching preschool programs designed to foster a love for learning and early childhood development

Child painting on an easel board at The Nurtuary Preschool, Sector 20 Panchkula - Best Play School in Chandigarh.

Playgroup For 1.8 yrs (i.e.20 months) – 3 yrs old.


Our Playgroup program creates a nurturing environment for your little ones’ first preschool experience. With a perfect balance of structured learning and unstructured play, children actively engage in activities such as scribbling, storytelling, free play, and imaginative games with new friends. Our experienced teachers involve children in meaningful preschool activities, fostering social skills, curiosity, and a lifelong love for learning.

Nursery For 3-4 yrs old.


Our Nursery program delivers a well-rounded curriculum for holistic development. Experienced teachers guide children through six areas of growth using physical sports, Montessori-inspired learning, role play, storytelling, and creative sessions. Additionally, our vibrant classrooms provide a nurturing environment where children explore, learn, and become familiar with the world. With dedicated staff and an engaging approach, we ensure joyful growth and a strong foundation for future learning.

Child engaging in Montessori seriation activity at The Nurtuary Preschool, the best play school in Panchkula.
Children doing craft activities at The Nurtuary Preschool, the best preschool in Peer Muchalla

Lower Kindergarten For 4- 5 years old


LKG builds on the skills children develop in Nursery, taking their learning to the next level by combining pre-learnt concepts with practical application. Our program offers a well-rounded curriculum with plenty of constructive and joyful activities that engage young minds. Additionally, we strengthen foundational skills while introducing a second language, Hindi, to broaden their linguistic abilities. Moreover, our experienced teachers create a nurturing environment that encourages exploration, creativity, and social development.

Upper Kindergarten For 5-6 years old


Our UKG program advances literacy, numeracy, and general awareness skills to the next level. Additionally, engaging activities and related worksheets make learning exciting and informative. Each child progresses at their own pace. Moreover, our dedicated teachers are attuned to the individual development needs of each child, providing personalized attention and support.

Child learning to write independently at The Nurtuary Preschool in Sector 20 Panchkula