Best teaching practice Joyful approach Low adult to child ratio Child centric evaluation Teachers as facilitators Parent involvement Regular teacher trainings

Our Programmes

  • Playgroup – 1.8 years to 3 years
  • Nursery – 3 to 4 years
  • LKG – 4 to 5 years
  • UKG – 5 to 6 years
  • Extended Daycare – 1.8 years Onwards

Best Teaching Practice

We follow globally accepted practices that encourage training of mental faculties in aptitudes ranging from linguistic, logical, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, reflective, spatial orientation and intrapersonal inclinations. To enhance their senses children are engaged in myriad activities involving speaking, touching, smelling, listening, imagining and creating in a multitude of ways. We believe in going beyond the text books as we bank more on student responsiveness.

Joyful Approach

We believe in stress free learning and nurture joyful growing-up in a fun, creative caring and homely environment.

Low Adult to child ratio

In our programmes, we ensure a low adult to child ratio of 1:10. Such a low ratio allows a small group size which leads to a sense of security in children. It also enables the facilitator to give individual attention to the needs of each child and be constantly aware of each child’s requirements.

Child Centric Evaluation

All activities at The Nurtuary revolve around six areas of body development involving Language, Cognitive, Fine motor, Gross motor, Socio-Emotional and Personal development.
a. Detailed evaluation is carried on regarding these areas of development, on daily basis, for every child.
b. This evaluation report is shared with parents at PFMs held on regular basis in the school.
c. Based on these evaluations, customized learning modules for each child in accordance to their learning pace are adopted. This not only ensures growth of the child in the areas of strengths but also allows them to improve in their areas of weaknesses.

Teachers as Facilitators

At the Nurtuary, the teacher is a facilitator who facilitates learning and therefore is a friend, philosopher and guide in a true sense. Apart from being well versed in early childhood development, our facilitators are warm, friendly and are passionate about working with children. Moreover, most of The Nurtuary’s activities are designed with a level of teacher facilitation as opposed to teacher instruction. We encourage them to be their own self as this enables them to be in tandem with the child’s learning pace.

Parent Involvement

We take special care to involve parents in the education process.
a. Monthly planner along with a list of rhymes of the month is sent to keep them informed about activities and events that the child will be involved in throughout the month.
b. Workshops and events for parents are held regularly to ensure participation of parents.
c. Periodic Parent-Facilitator Meetings (PFMs) are conducted to share the child’s evaluation with parents and also to plan with them future introduction of learning modules catering to the weak areas of the child, if any.

Regular Teacher Trainings

Regular trainings and workshops keeps our facilitators abreast with new skills and methodologies. IPC offers platform for teachers to train on the Early Childhood Education. The course content has been devised by an ex teaching fellow of Harvard University, Sandy Middleton.

Our Alliances